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Safariland, LLC is a United States-based manufacturer of personal, and other equipment focused on the law enforcement, public safety, military, and recreational markets. It was formerly a division of the United Kingdom-based defense and aerospace company BAE Systems PLC. Safariland has said that their body armor has protected at least 2,040 police officers who were shot in the line of duty.

A former employee shares his dreadful experience, "Safariland is great company yet not easy to work at. Hours are super long and you will feel less valuable every day. The more time pass the more you wonder if you are in the right places. You will not receive merit or cost of living increases and they will leave you in lingo wondering when a change will happen."


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Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible behaviour from the managers was when they fired a pregnant lady just to get rid of her, without any explanation, by law, she was supposed to be sent to do light duty work, but those stupid managers treat that woman as if she was nothing and this decisión was approved by HR. Some authorities should go and see how people are treated.It wad near my house, 5 .min.I got a pay raised of ridiculous 0.11 cents...yes, Eleven cents!"

I would be fired (Current Employee) says

"If you value your personal safety you won’t work for this company. The manager of quality is an arrogant putz who has a Napoleon syndrome. The floor personnel are great but stressed and disgruntled. No one is valued and there are some great people there but management abuses the workers. They watch you go to break, lunch, bathroom and will give you points if your late. They use a point system to discipline. This place sucks but it’s money.NothingIntimidation, strong arm tactics, liars and hateful management"

Accounting/Finance (Former Employee) says

"Warning: Company doesn’t value it’s employees. The finance department Management team are known to make the most educated, talented and/or skilled employee feel dumb. Trust me you will be questioning your education and experience while there. Their is no training period on anything don’t ask anyone for help management won’t allow it. The finance management team make up there own accounting and finance rules that are unethical just to make their numbers look good. So if you are an ethical employee this isn’t the place for you. Employees are not appreciate or value. Only over worked and stressed with ridiculous unreasonable workloads. The company has a revolving door as soon as someone starts within a week or two they are looking else where. Management team does whatever they want while stressing teams out. If you complain to HR the finance management will retaliate against you with more work and more ridiculous workloads. Only thing that will provoke change is a lawsuit by an employee. It doesn’t matter how many employees quit over the years they won’t change because everyone else is the problem not them. Employee are abused verbal daily by finance management. They are a few good finance management team member that do value their teams but the bad one out weight good ones. Hint- AP, AR, CFO and retail controller are the good ones if you aren’t work directly under any one of these departments you have been warned."

Supervisor Injection Molding (Former Employee) says

"Change management often, change working hrs with out enough notice, mandatory overtime, no room for advancement, run out of materials because they don’t pay the billsBenefitsHours"

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"I worked there for 10 months as a temp and had to keep asking and pushing to be hired on because temps there are limited to what they can do. They pay you 10.50 until you get hired on and after I did, I got bumped to 10.90. They never show appreciation for hard work but love to point out your mistakes. Bad management, bad pay, only good thing was the hours are always 40 a week and if you’re a shipper, like I was, 90% of the time you work as much overtime as you wantNoneEverything"

Production Associate. Cutting department (Former Employee) says

"They struggle with money . Every week is something no material no money to enough material and no money to pay for over time. They don’t want to give you a rate even for does that work hard and deserved. Nice place but no money they don’t appreciate people’s hard workNothing free"

Various Positions (Former Employee) says

"The production teams and management have a great team. The corporate side of the company is disgusting. No values and lead by a crook (knowingly). There must be some underhanded side deals being made. The things that go on there are atrocious. The employees in the corporate side are nearly all corrupt. You could not pay me to work for this company again! The benefits they offered look good on paper but you might as well have not had coverage at all.Production teams are great, good environmentLead by a team of crooked vultures"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The product and the customer being served (Police and Military), is exceptional and very worthy of all the efforts. However, the executive Sr Leadership is extremely self centered, reactionary and do not care about the employees that make things happen, including the floor associates who are excellent.Benefits were relatively goodExecutive Leadership"

analyst (Former Employee) says

"Beware of joining this company. Callous treatment of people, hire and fire mentality. Old boy network in senior management are only looking out for themselves and their own security.good people in the workforceCannot trust management"

Electronic Assembler (Former Employee) says

"My second day working for this company I was moved because I was talking to my co worker, just like everyone else did all the time. The supervisor literally moved a desk so that it was by itself and faced the wall, and that was my work station for the next three months. If you spoke Spanish, you could talk all day. I went to HR about the matter, and to the Manager of the department, and was told other desks were going to be put together and placed in the area I was segregated to. Never happened."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Very toxic environment for people at all levels, unless you are an executive. Little (if any) real interest or concern for employees actually doing the work. Unrealistic expectations across the board. Too much work, not enough workersPaid the billsDemoralizing behaviors by senior management, Endlesss chaotic environment starts at the top and creates daily emergencies for staff, Always looking to place blame and point the finger."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst executive team ever assembled. For the most part, the only people that really believe "Together, we save lives" are the working stiffs. The upper management team are paranoid schizos clinging to their high salaries and promise of a big payout when they finally go public. I would never advise anyone I cared for to apply there.great bunch of hourly and mid-management folks.cut throat executive team. The few decent ones play their cards close to the vest or they are gone."

Rogers Molding Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very bad management they treat their employees like animals no compaction. They should change all the managers and supervisors. Take care of the employee when they need it."

Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a very repetitive paced work, you get a three day weekend and they offer overtime. The friends that I made I will have for a lifetime. Management is sneaky and lies about a lot of things.Hours, pay, people.Management"

Quality Manager (Current Employee) says

"My 29 years at Safariland have been compensated in accordance to the commitment and ownership of my day to day responsibilities and challenges I assumed. Safariland has been one of the best schools I could attend, Safariland threats his employees with dignity and respect and each member has the opportunity to enhance their abilities and skills to an optimal level."

Technical designer (Former Employee) says

"company is not moving forward and is struggling financially, Support from managers and directors nonexistent, failed implantations of new processes and trends"

Producion Associate (Former Employee) says

"The typical work day is anything but typical, hours vary from 10 hour days to 12 hour days. Hard to make evening plans as you don't know really from day to day when you will be getting off work. If you like working a lot of overtime, then you are good. The employees are great, management needs more refining on their attitudes and political aspects of advancing qualified employees."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Safariland is great company yet not easy to work at. Hours are super long and you will feel less valuable every day. The more time pass the more you wonder if you are in the right places. You will not receive merit or cost of living increases and they will leave you in lingo wondering when a change will happen."

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management lack(s)ed leadership unless one is part of good ol boy network. BAE Systems dumped Safariland in May 2012. Nuff said there! Zero job security very high turnover.NoneTurnover, Zero A Team players, inept IT service and systems"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you like working 10 hr shifts 6 days a week if you lucky 5, improperly trained, favoritism, low pay, if you are 1 minute late your pay will be docked 1 hour, good luck getting days off your hours might be docked if your late & having a HR that doesn't like people then she doesn't really help you shes more for the company. Seen people who been there for over a year still are temps if you ask when will you be permanent they will say it's a hiring freeze. Then two days later they hire 5 more people one of the 5 became permanent. So if you're a salary paid worker good luck if your not work elsewhere you'll be a temp for years meaning no benefits or pay on days off."

RD says

"If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Only 1 out of the 3 items that I ordered were correct. I was relayed false information on two different accounts regarding the status of my order and when it would be fulfilled. I would highly advise those looking for a holster to go elsewhere"

STEVE says

"Said 2 week wait well that was 6 weeks ago still hasn't shipped"

Roybenigno Robles says

"Still waiting for my holster......"

Jonathan Banks says

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